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How do I join The eJams Banner Plus Network? 
Joining EBPN is easy and free. Just start by reading this page and then click on the "Join" link.

How big should my banner be? 
Your banner should be 468X60 pixels and less than 12K in disc space, but we strongly recommend that your banner does not exceed 10k for its uploading time

Can I have an animated banner on this exchange?
Yes you can. 

How does EBPN help me?
EBPN is a free banner exchange that can increase traffic to your site. For every two person's banners you show on your site, your banner will be shown on someone else's site thus making EBPN a 2:1 ratio. This is a proven tool for effective advertising. No fees to pay, no hidden catches. 

Am I obligated to stay with
Absolutely not. You can request to have your account removed whenever you want. It's up to you, but we bet you'll want to stay.

What type of sites are consider inappropriate to join EBPN?
This includes sites containing pornographic material, sites with links to pornographic sites, sites encouraging illegal activity, sites that promote or utilize software or services designed to deliver unsolicited e-mail, sites that are regarded by a significant portion of EBPN members to be inappropriate, or any other sites that our administrators consider to be inappropriate for any reason. 

Alright, I'm at the login page, now what?
Great, just enter a username for your account, like "cat123" or "wayne", and then enter your secret password and write it down. Remember, the password is case sensitive. 

What is the URL of my site? 
If you own your domain name, your URL would be ''. But if you have free web hosting, your URL would be '

What is the URL of my banner? 
If you own your domain name, all you need to enter is ''. For free web hosting, enter '' if that is where you have the banner stored. 

How do I put the banner code on my web page?
You'll get a snippet of HTML code to use on your pages (the code will show the network banners). Simply copy and paste the code on your web pages (one banner code per page), upload your pages and you're ready to go! 

If just copying and pasting the code into the html on my web page does not work, what next? 
Copy the HTML code and paste onto 'Notepad' and then copy it from Notepad into the HTML on your web page. 

Can my account get deleted? 
Your account can be deleted by the support team of EBPN at our sole discretion. Reasons for getting deleted would include but would not be limited to: cheating (usually spotted from unusual statistics), not filling in your website address when you sign up, not uploading your banner to our system in a timely manner (2 weeks), not putting our code on your site in a timely manner (2 weeks), becoming inactive, use of competing banner programs on the same page as our banner and any other abuses that would alter results of the system. Please follow our terms of service page and be responsible. 

Can I purchase additional banner credits for more exposure?
Looking for some extra traffic to your website? You can purchase additional banner impressions. Our prices are among the lowest on the web. Email me if you find anything lower for the same quality and service. We currently have over 100,000 impressions available to sell every week!

Do I need to be a member to purchase additional banner credits for my website?
You can purchase banner impressions for any site that meets are basic standards, even if you are not a member. Your banner will be viewed by viewers all around the world. Our prices are among the lowest on the web. We currently have over 100,000 impressions available to sell every week!



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